Now it’s there! We worked hard on it! The conceptual work for the new music video arises from three very talented filmmaking-students from UAL, England. In cooperation with BAGAGE the visual and content related design was developed, resulting in a multi-layered social criticism contribution. The music video is crossed by a minimalistic visual language which has references to the clear pictorial world of Wes Anderson and Ozu Yasujiro.

Similar to them, BAGAGE also tried to reveal the absurd and abstruse interpretation of one of the most wonderful feelings in the world. There is this ongoing shift in the range of value in the love for things and in the love among each other.
The music video links heroized close-ups from different objects as metaphorical critique for the rising consumption-orientated society. “we could snap 4ever, or we swipe 4ever!”, promises eternity in an age of short lifespan values. The lyrics spread the believe for an endless moment of stagnation, however, it is destroyed by the illusion of the eternity which gets lost forever from a further “match” or “snap”. Thus, fostering the endless space of the digital cemetery.
„Northern Lights” is both, an homage and a deconstruction of pop and the modern society overall – which draws close completion in the new music video:

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